Recycle Revolution – More Than Meets the Eye

Our cohort group made our way to Dallas on Wednesday night for a tour of Recycle Revolution.  What a stark contrast to Tuesday night’s tour of BRIT! Compared to the $70,000,000 LEED Platinum building that demonstrates the best that money can buy related to sustainability, Recycle Revolution is a humble start-up. The mission of Recycle Revolution is to “foster a culture of recycling in North Texas, provide outstanding service to businesses that care, and use our success to rally for the causes of good neighborhoodship and environmental awareness.” The company was founded in the spring of 2008 and serves the entire North Texas area, but most of their business is located in Dallas. They service commercial properties and some apartments/condos because these properties do not have services through the city.

Eddie Lott, Founder and Executive Director, led our tour of the facility and described the process for receiving and sorting the materials as well as the recycling process in general.  Maria Lott, Director of Growth & Customer Experience, was also present and helped with the tour. The recycle items that they accept are: paper, plastic, aluminum and tin, cardboard, glass, e-waste, light bulbs & fixtures, styrofoam, batteries, organics and more. The services they provide are: collection, project management, LEED and zero waste, material recovery and community drop-off. One of the most poignant statements that Eddie made during the tour was the fact that people are disconnected from their waste and never seem to think about where their stuff goes when they throw it away. Connecting people to their trash through education might help convince more people to recycle and might even factor into their decision to purchase some items.

Eddie is a passionate and energetic ecopreneur who has a strong desire to operate an environmentally friendly business within a local community.  He chose Deep Ellum for the location of Recycle Revolution because of the progressive initiatives that are taking place there. See for more information about the efforts underway in the neighborhood.  Even though the LLC is in its first years of business, they are already thinking of ways of expanding. The company is joining forces with like-minded businesses in the Lake Highlands community to form an eco coop that will offer a variety of sustainable services for the community.  See for more information.

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