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Attending the Aspen Environment Forum this summer gave me the opportunity to listen to environmental conversations from some of the leading thinkers on environmental, sustainability, and social issues.  Of the many wonderful speakers attending the forum, three individuals stand out for their significant contributions to these issues and their presence on social media.  An added bonus for me is that I was lucky enough to meet these gentlemen and share brief conversations regarding their work.  If you are seeking perspective on critical environmental issues, these professionals have much to offer.

Jonathan Foley is the director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, where he is a professor and McKnight Presidential Chair in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior. Mr. Foley focuses on the sustainability of civilization and the global environment.  He speaks often of global food security and land use issues and has a depth of knowledge regarding climate, ecosystems and the biosphere. You can find him on Twitter at

Bill Chameides is the dean of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment and has over 30 years in academia.  He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and served for three-years as the chief scientist of Environmental Defense Fund.  Mr Chameides is considered one of the most highly influential scientists and scholars worldwide and has received numerous awards.  He was appointed the Vice Chair of the Committee on America’s Comate Choices in 2008 to develop a multidecadal road map for America’s response to climate change.  Follow him on Twitter at

Hari Sreenivassan reports for the PBS NewsHour as an online and on-air correspondent.  Previously Mr. Sreenivassan has reported for CBS and ABC news programs. He has won a number of Outstanding Broadcast Story Awards from the South Asian Journalists Association.  Known for his prolific use of social media and ability to cover environmental, political, and societal issues, Mr. Sreenivassan brings energy and clarity to important issues. Look for him on Facebook, Google+.  You can find him on Twitter at


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I'm an Educator, Public Speaker, and Sustainable Living and Wellness enthusiast who is seeking a more balanced way of living.
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